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        Hi guys! We are SecretDesire! A new word in the sex industry! Site which was imagined by SexWorker and Client.
We are ideal for each of you!
Would you like to know why it is so?
If yes, let’s start our presentation of ourselves to you!
And if no... we think it’s unreal, cause you tap “Info” and we are sure that you are interested of us!

Ok, finally, let’s start!
One day we (SW and a client) started to discuss the industry of love and we got that after closing backpage, the number of adult websites went up. Me(SW) and he (Client) called a great amount of websites that seems great for ME and for HIM. And JUST LOOK, what we discovered! I called one group of sites and He called absolutely another!
After a few minutes we started to discuss what we like and what we absolutely dislike at the adult websites, classified websites, websites with escort services and with erotic massages and so on.
Here I will text you a short interview of us from that day and you will quickly understand why was created.

Me(SW): Ok, name me 5 reasons why do you like websites that you have just told me and 5 reasons why do you dislike sites that I told you, please! 

He(Client): No problem!
   What I like there:
1.	I can read reviews of other guys, which are moderated by support team and I can be sure, that the provider is real and gives a good service.
2.	I know that girls are verified there, and girls are independent. So I can be sure, that I pay personally to the girl.
3.	Great amount of providers.
4.	Always fresh ads, so I know that providers are available.
5.	These sites gives me an excellent possibility to choose service. For example I would like to search only body rubs providers today, escort providers tomorrow and nobody knows which desire I will have next week! It’s really cool, that I can divide providers by filter.

 What I dislike there:
1.	Support! Really hate them! Sometimes I need to ask them some info. And the responses are really uninformative and cut-and-dried. We live in 21th century, guys! I would like to have a good live support!
2.	Posting of reviews! I always try to write reviews to the providers. But OMG! As a rule these reviews are moderated more than one week! I like to read fresh reviews, and I would like to let other clients to read my reviews too!
3.	Screening! I really dislike to be screened, because providers always ask the last 2-3 providers that I visited, then they call/text them and blablabla. I know, that it’s for safety of SWs and I appreciate this. But really, I am sure that it’s possible to create something that will kill this terrible system “to call 2-3 your exproviders”.
4.	My Private Phone number! Some of the classified ad websites, bodyrubs websites, advertising websites and others publish phone number without asking me! I’ll repeat now, BUT guys! 21 century is a century of anonymity!
5.	Tons of fake ads! I really hate to tap hundreds of fake photos. I just would like to see high-qualifying ads.
Ok, my dear SW! And you? What are your TOP of good and bad qualities for the Adult websites?! 

Me(SW): Ok!
TOP good points:
1.	I can quickly post ad.
2.	Payments are anonymous  and quick.
3.	I don’t need to be verified, so I don’t need to post my real photos. Of course, I know that clients wants to see real, but really I think it’s sketchy and absolutely unsafe.
4.	Price. I like that ads have normal price, and I can bump very often. Because every erotic provider, or massage provider or even agency knows, the more bumps you do, the more clients you have!
5.	User-friendly interface of the classified websites!
Really, I don’t want to examine how websites works and I don’t want to spend much time trying to make ad. I really like when everything is easy, quick and resultative!
TOP bad points:
1.	I hate verification with docs. I don’t understand why I need to share my id with other people! Especially at adult site! Now, I think, every SW will understand me. Let’s imagine that I really trust this or that website and I send them my docs. Ok. But we live in the age of high technologies! And the data of the website can be hacked, because even government websites are exposed to hacker attacks.
2.	Price!
       I really don’t know the website which ad worth to pay 200$. And it’s without bumps! Common guys, you could be a little more modest! Lol!
3.	Support!
As a provider, I always need to be in touch with support, because sometimes I don’t understand some things at the website or I don’t know how some functions works. And it’s creepy, to wait 24h, or to wait working hours to hear from support. And as a rule, it doesn’t help, because the reply is mindless. Remind me please, for what did I pay money?
4.	Screening.
Yes, I always screen my clients and I think it’s necessary now. But really, I also want system that will make this a little easier. And I will spend less time screening everybody.
5.	Reviews.
Yes, reviews are good for clients, and I like when reviews are moderated. But why I can’t write reviews about my clients too? Am I worse than my clients? Why is it so injustice? I also have a few words (sometimes good / sometimes bad) to say about my darling (or not) clients. 

He(Client): Now I see, that modern society need something cross between the ideal of clients’ favorite site and providers’ favorite site. 

Me(SW): Yeah...

He(Client): Let’s imagine something original, something absolutely new and dynamite. 

Me(SW): I really don’t know how we can do this, but let’s try! Why not? 

After this conversation, begun tones of discussion, researching, interviews with web-developers and designers, my discussion with my SW friends and his discussions with his “friends-clients“. And finally after 1 year of routine, team work, hours of discussion and thousands of disputes we have

What we have now:

1.	Benefits for providers
2.	Benefits for clients

What we are planning to have soon:

1.	Providers would be able to find clients by their phone number
2.	Providers will be verified only by photo with sheet of paper, but without documents.
3.	Detailed search
4.	Statistic of the ad to providers
5.	Blog

Do you have any good ideas? Text us

A few words about our conception:
1.	It’s NOT A BUSINESS for us, we just want to make the life and advertising a little easier for all of us. We wouldn’t like to make a business from this project, and money that you pay are always spent for improving and further development of the project.
2.	We have set our prices low to ensure that all escorts have the ability to advertise. 10$ - 1 Regular ad. 60$ - 1 month ad and unlimited bumps.
3.	Privacy is one of our first rules. Our servers are situated in Netherlands and are highly protected by all modern technologies.
4.	We would like to be friends with our clients, that’s why you can contact us any time, because our support works 25/7.
5.	We would like to make this project better together. Just contact us by email! Propose your ideas! The major recurrent will be implemented.
If you would like to be a member of our team. Text us to our email please! You are welcome!
6.	We promise you and you can be sure that this will be dynamite project which will change sex industry!

We tried to make it perfect, and we hope you will find it perfect too!

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