lucyford Profile, Escort in San Francisco, 3479791888

lucyford Profile, Escort in San Francisco, 3479791888
lucyford Profile, Escort in San Francisco, 3479791888
lucyford Profile, Escort in San Francisco, 3479791888

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Curvy Blonde Charmer Loves to Tease & Please (GFE & light domme) -📍WeHo

LISTEN, I KNOW I'M A WORDY BITCH, BUT PLEASE READ TO THE END. WHATEVER QUESTION YOU'RE ABOUT TO ASK ME, I CAN ALMOST GUARANTEE IT'S ANSWERED BELOW! WHERE AM I HOSTING? CAN YOU RECORD OUR SESSION? WHY WON'T I ANSWER YOUR CALLS? SEE. MOTHERFUCKING. BELOW. :) --- ATTENTION! AS OF 10/03/18 I HAVE A NEW NUMBER: (347) 979-1888. I LOST ALL CONTACTS & TEXT HISTORY ASSOCIATED W/ THE OLD NUMBER (917-283-3242), so if we're already acquainted, please reintroduce yourself. (Name, username, site you first found me on, where we met, have you ever left me a review, physical description, something distinctive we've talked about or done, screenshots of prior text convo, etc. Anything to jog my memory.) 2. If I can't remember you, I might have to re-screen. Apologies in advance! --- Hello, my name is Lucy. I'm a natural blonde with big blue eyes, an eager mouth, soft skin, full breasts, a nice round ass, toned legs, delicate feet, and one very tight pussy. I'm free spirited, down to earth, and about as real as they come. I'm often slightly late, but always generous with my time. My specialty is GFE because honestly, open and expressive as I am, it's just what comes naturally. I have a gift for putting dates at ease and creating genuine, one-of-a-kind connections. Feeling shy, "awkward," or nervous the first time we meet is completely normal-- but I can almost guarantee you won't feel that way for long! Bubbly, witty, playful and curious, I make for lively company. I delight in laughter and good conversation. When it comes to the physical, I do believe that there's a lot to be said for the tension inherent in starting at the very beginning: a passionate kiss. And then another, and another. Hands grazing then groping, bodies pressing closer. Feeling your growing excitement and slyly encouraging it with a subtle grind of my hips. Why not just see where passion takes us? ...However, I'm also more than happy to let you set a more specific agenda. In the mood to relax with a slow, sensual massage? Would you prefer we abandon all pretense and devour each other on sight? Are you the type to savor my quivers and moans as much as your own? Or maybe you're begging for discipline and craving my command? Should I bring one of my pretty little friends along? Should you? Or do you just want to lie back and let me worship that cock til you explode? (Did I mention how much I adore giving head? It's the best.) There's practically a million adventures we can have, darling...Which one will you choose tonight? YES I'm a NEWBIE FRIENDLY and INCLUSIVE PROVIDER (MELANIN friendly, LGBTQIA friendly, DISABILITY friendly, etc.). GFE: DFK, LFK, BBBJ, CIM, COF, FIV, DATY, RIMMING (on YOU). NON-GFE: If you prefer no kissing and/or covered oral, that's totally fine too. FBSM MSOG: If you tend to be quick on the draw, don't stress. If you're up for multiple rounds in a single session, I'm right there with ya. I'm BISEXUAL so I looove me some GIRL-ON-GIRL, COUPLES SESSIONS & MFF THREESOMES. (And yes, I do have a couple of awfully cute friends ;). LIGHT KINK/BDSM: I'm an AMATEUR (still learning) FEMDOM, particularly into TEASING/EDGING but looking to expand my repertoire. Once trust & boundaries are established I've been known to switch it up and be a good little SUB as well. I'm also nonjudgmental and openminded towards FETISHES (including FOOT WORSHIP), FANTASIES and ROLEPLAY. After we are well-acquainted (NOT 1st date), CARPLAY & risking it in SEMI-PUBLIC can be super hot. COMPANIONSHIP, CUDDLING & SUGAR BABY/DADDY ARRANGEMENTS: I form lasting bonds with many of my dates; it's one of the most rewarding aspects of doing this! And the exact nature/depth of that bond varies widely. Sexual intimacy-- or even physical intimacy, for that matter-- is only a factor to the extent that you want it to be. No matter what, you can trust that I value your wellbeing and that you are more than just a number to me...But, with that said, If you love spending quality time together and have the means to do so, a monthly arrangement that goes beyond standard scheduled sessions is very much an option. :) NO TEENS: Apologies to my 18-20 y/o sweeties, but you MUST BE 21+. NEGOTIATING: My DONATIONS and the 'HARD-NO' ACTIVITIES listed below are not up for debate. Also, just FYI: I don't run 'SPECIALS' (a.k.a. SALES). I love a bargain too! So, the day I get a discount on rent, bills (car, gas, electric, phone, internet, medical, vet) and >$80k in student loans is the day I'll consider putting the pussy on clearance. But seriously, my donations are fair & competitive as is. :) WINDOW SHOPPING: While I totally understand your desire to make sure that I'm real/legit & that we're a good match, please don't waste my-- or any providers'-- time by asking for a whole bunch of free photos & sexting before we've even met. This signals that you're just out for free thrills, not serious and/or not respectful of boundaries. I'm super friendly and accommodating, but nobody likes feeling taken advantage of. BBFS: Seriously, NO P-IN-V W/OUT A CONDOM! Don't even think about trying it with that "just the tip" or "I slipped!" nonsense. Nonconsensual penetration = sexual assault. GREEK and other "BUTT STUFF" (fingers, rimming) on ME. FILMING: Don't worry though, I'm told you won't need any help remembering our time together. ;) ALSO: RAPE FANTASIES; SUFFOCATION (light choking w/ prior permission excepted); TICKLING (major phobia of mine); RACEPLAY (no '12 Years A Slave' reenactments); COPROPHILIA (scat fetish-- look it up at your own risk, lol). CONTACT: TEXTING (347-979-1888) IS THE ABSOLUTE FASTEST WAY TO REACH ME, BUT NO CALLS PLEASE. I don't answer calls for reasons both logistical (poor reception on the app I use for my business line) AND safety-related, but frankly, I'm really not a phone person anyway! Post-screening, if you'd like to have a brief chat that's totally fine. Just let me know and I'll be happy to *67 you from my personal number. Email ( and Switter/HX (@lovelylucyford) PM's work too. NOTE: If at all possible, I highly recommend texting to let me know you've emailed/private messaged. If you have, say, 'domestic' reasons for not wanting to risk a text trail, I get it. Your notification text can be brief, neutral and specify that I shouldn't respond. I suggest sending one only because lately it takes me so long to get through all my texts that I sometimes go days without checking my email and I don't want to miss yours. LOCATION: I'm based in LOS ANGELES (INCALL = WEST HOLLYWOOD), but I spend a couple of wks in the SAN FRANCISCO / BAY AREA every 1-2 months. I don't really go on "tour," per se, but I'm certainly open to traveling should the right opportunity present itself! SCREENING: I've posted a copy of my screening options as the final image on this listing (just scroll through the photo gallery at the top of the page). PLEASE KNOW YOUR PREFERRED SCREENING OPTION BEFORE CONTACTING ME. NOTE: Only use the 'Get Screened' box on my profile *if* you have multiple verified reviews *and* you send a follow-up text. SCHEDULE: See the 'SCHEDULE' TAB up top (duh), but the way oversimplified TL;DR version is... I'M AVAILABLE 1. BY APPOINTMENT 2. AFTER 2PM. I'M NOT AVAILABLE 1. ON DEMAND 2. MORNINGS. I'm in high demand & run late as hell. ADVANCE NOTICE IS A TURN-ON. ;) DISCRETION: I take privacy and confidentiality very seriously, much like a therapist would. Your identity, what you tell me and what we do together stays our little secret. Likewise, I let you set the boundaries in terms of when/how I contact you, what personal info you do/don't share with me (aside from screening), and if/how we interact in public.



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