boston_banditt Profile, Escort in Phoenix, 6174108625

boston_banditt Profile, Escort in Phoenix, 6174108625
boston_banditt Profile, Escort in Phoenix, 6174108625
boston_banditt Profile, Escort in Phoenix, 6174108625


Hello Gentleman, My name is Madison May aka TheBoston_Banditt or Maddy for short <3 . I am a 25 year old Boston raised gal' living in a big Ol’ Texas world! I'd love to get to know a few of you and seeing that this is a fresh and new chapter for me I will be needing fresh new friends to help me along the way! It is my Very FIRST TIME IN SAN DIEGO SO i NEED SOME HANDSOME GUYS TO SHOW ME AROUND TOWN!!! I’m a sweet and outgoing social butterfly who loves meeting new people, seeing new places, and trying new and exciting things! So, if you can assist in any of those categories than you and I will get along famously! I love, love , love to travel and am passport ready! So, if you aren't local or are in need of a travel companion, I am your gal! I am a huge foodie! So dinner at a great restaurant will result in a quick "yes" from me! I am bubbly, always in high-spirits and easy to get along with and talk to. While still making you feel calm, comfortable, and at ease in more than one way. I can be naughty or nice, cute and sweet or sexy and seductive. I am a wonderful dinner date, while still being the perfect afternoon delight:-) I can't wait to get to know some of ya'll and am excited to show not just my naughty but also my nice side :-) If your considering trying alternative,new, or something different, or out of your comfort zone. JUST SAY SO!!! I cant read minds my friends! So state your needs & wants gents!!! I can say that if I'm capable of anything, it's being open-minded, straight-forward, 100% judgment and drama free! So...with that being said, if your experienced with "alternative styles of intimacy of and companionship " then speak on your wants or expectation. If it's not respectful please be aware that I'd prefer less details before we are able to meet face to face. But I can NOT fulfill a requirement I'm unaware of😉 I can however do my best to be everything you hope for and some... I won't always live up to your expectations because my safety comes first and foremost . If either is lacking then I will not stick around to have any other boundaries crossed. But if your reasonable and respectful as well as understanding of my level of comfort then I assure you we'll have an unforgettable time!!! Within reason, I will do my damndest to meet each and every want, need, and expectation. As long as each and every one of my boundries are respected in exchange.I have no problem stating my needs or saying no to something that I'm not okay with, just ask! So there's no guessing game with this gal😘 If I do say no to anything or anyone I DO MEAN IT! I will also say, that a No does not mean I'm not open to other fun or alternative activities😏 It also doesn't mean I'm not having fun with our time together. It doesn't mean keep pushing it. I simply am comfortable and confident with saying yes or no. If this boundaries respected, my health isn't at risk in any way, as well as my physical well being or personal safety being risked or left to chance. Then we will do just fine! I encourage EVERYONE TO Please be vocal and upfront with stating their needs and boundaries as well. If this balance is maintained fun will be had by all! That is one promise I can make. I am "wicked" excited to see what unfolds!! So who is going to be the first sweet, honest, genuine, generous, genuine,gentleman to show a girl some fun... better yet the other way around? Preferred is Preferred P278546 Eccie handle: Boston_banditt handle: boston_banditt Switter name: TheBoston_Banditt Instagram @MadisonaMayMonroe #







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