Seetoridate Profile, Escort in Miami, 6176815169

Seetoridate Profile, Escort in Miami, 6176815169
Seetoridate Profile, Escort in Miami, 6176815169
Seetoridate Profile, Escort in Miami, 6176815169

Lingerie clad gastrophile and museum date

*SCREENING AND DEPOSIT REQUIRED* A firm believer that brevity is the soul of wit, this introduction will be short and sweet. Like me. Call me Victoria. Your Boston based Cape Verdean darling with a long list of eclectic interests. Well versed in a myriad of topics I make a phenomenal companion in any setting. While dinner and travel engagements are my preference, I am also available to accompany you to your various gala or work events as an atmosphere model. Youthful, bright, and shamelessly indulgent, I hope to excite in you curiosities long forgotten. Allow me to bring a sense of wonder back to your life, if only for an evening. A self-proclaimed erudite and avid reader, my conversational prowess is a match for the quickest of wits. Let’s chat about your favorite podcast or most recent travel experiences! Words and wine are among my favorite things, I hope to exchange a (suggestive) smile and laughter over both. Being a beautiful woman, armed with a voracious appetite for new and thrilling experiences, it’s no mystery why I’ve been drawn to being Victoria. I’m of the opinion that escapism and indulgence are fundamental to a fulfilled and examined life. I intend to live and dream as largely as is possible, a match for me will share in this sentiment. Those seeking my company value building a connection unique to us, through experiences that unfold organically and are completely unrushed. Dates with me will be the epitome of fun, authenticity, and luxuriousness. It is my hope that our time together will be a sweet escape from our normal routines. And for those who feel they’ve nothing to escape from, may my company be the supplemental guilty pleasure to your already wonderful life. Let me be the one with whom you celebrate victories, revel in successes, and share your happiest of moments. Whether exploring the world, or one another, consider me your perpetual play partner. Consider me yours to discover. Time together will be ours to do with as we wish, let’s make the very best of it! Until we meet, Victoria xx







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