scarlett Profile, Escort in Sacramento, 5418870452

scarlett Profile, Escort in Sacramento, 5418870452
scarlett Profile, Escort in Sacramento, 5418870452
scarlett Profile, Escort in Sacramento, 5418870452

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UPDATE: OC IS AVAILABLE TO PRIVATE RESIDENCES ONLY! AND YOU MUST PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM. ALSO, HALF OF THE DONATION MUST BE ADVANCED VIA CASH APP, ZELLE, PAYPAL OR GOOGLE PAY.(THIS IS TO ENSURE YOURE NOT LE AFFILIATED) AND THIS PERTAINS SOLELY TO OC. THANKS! Read this paragraph if you want a little context into how I the next if you are a little more simple in your needs: Are you sitting at your laptop or on your phone right now just aimlessly swiping through women's profiles hoping to find that ONE that just has that IT factor you're looking for? The girl that knows what you want way before you tell her just by the look in your eye when you enter the room? A woman that is so in tune with her clients that she can anticipate needs that you yourself weren't even aware were coming? The type of woman that your mother would invite over for dinner but at the same time the kind of woman who would have her hand down your boxers while the family was enjoying the meal? Or maybe you're looking for the type that your mother would loathe...that kind of girl that any mother doesn't want their son with? That bad girl who is SO good at being bad that it makes your toes start to involuntarily curl just at the thought of her? The woman who focusing 100 percent of her attention on you from the moment you walk into her line of vision until she kisses your cheek and shuts the door behind you as you exit her apartment? Simpler wants and needs: Maybe you're more simple and you just want a woman who will try every single time to make you cum as hard and as many times as humanly possible? That beautifully freaky temptress that will captivate every single body part and can draw you in with just one look from those "come fuck me" eyes? Well then you're in the right place, gentlemen! My name is Scarlet, I'll be your dirty little harlot. I love what I do and the effort and attention I put into our appointment will confirm that immediately during our first face to face interaction. Below I've written a little more about my style and menu...But if you're ready to go right now...Then I'll make myself available for you. I prefer texts. FYI What to expect once you cross the threshold into my Pleasure Palace: An unrushed session devoted solely to you. You won't find me on a phone or any type of device. Every minute that you and I are together will feel like our own little world. Safety. I can assure you that I go to great lengths to insure the locations that I host at have been thoroughly researched. Often times I'm close with the hotel staff and probably pay them to turn their heads in some cases. No pimps or management. I'm 100% independent and wouldn't ever consider giving a dime to a man that sat home and pushed me out the door to go make him money. Nope. So you can rest assured that no men will be jumping out of anywhere to strong arm you. I live alone and unless you want a duo then a 3rd party will not be joining. Good hygiene and cleanliness: Looking my best for you is just part of the job and its the part that I get to have the most fun with! Apart from teasing you, of course. So you can rest assured that I will be shaved, smelling good, tasting better and minty fresh when you get here. (Also I do expect a respectful level of good hygiene from you as well. I do have shower accommodations available if you feel you aren't your freshest lol. Friendly and prompt communication prior to our session. As much as I would love to spend all day chatting with each of you about all the things we have in common...I can't. There aren't enough hours in a day. I do attend college full time so please allow at the most a half hour for me to get back to you. Once we have agreed that we want to meet it will take me roughly 20-30 minutes to get ready for make sure you factor that in. Real and recent pictures. No cat fishing here! All of the pictures I present to you were taken within the last couple months. I will NOT send out selfies of me "holding 3 fingers up" just so you know its's me. I would be taking selfies all day if I did that for everyone who asked. There is is...a quick guided tour into Scarlet's dirty little mind. What do you think? Do I sound like I could be that woman you've been dreaming of? The fun is just now starting and our journey together is about to be one of those unforgettable moments. So stop using your finger to swipe right and instead come use it to slip me out of this lingerie that is so perfectly hugging my body....hmm? Choice is yours... 







Body Rubs, Female Escorts





Hair color:


Hair length:

Mid back


Caucasian (European)


30 minutes


1 hour






Payment accepted:

Cash, Bitcoin

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